Pastoral Visiting

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Pastoral Visiting at All Saints

Pastoral Care is an integral part of the Church and here at All Saints we have developed a model of pastoral visiting which we hope and pray will serve all members of the Church familyThe congregation consists of very caring people who have a wide range of skills and experience and some who already make visits to members of the congregation.  We hope that these members will join us to help and support this very important and crucial service.

To ensure that pastoral care moves from an anonymous individual visit, to a pastoral visit, where the person visited knows that they are valued, cared for and prayed for by the Church, two Pastoral Care Coordinators have been commissioned. Their role is to ensure the visits are made and any follow up action taken, if necessary.

If you know anyone who would benefit from a visit from the Church – this could be a member who has been absent for a while, a person who is unwell or incapacitated or bereaved, or it may be a new member, please contact the Pastoral Care Coordinators.  They will then put a member of the church in touch with that person.

If you are presently visiting somebody from time to time, please would you let the Co-ordinators know, so that they are aware of the pastoral visiting that is taking place.  

If you have a little bit of time, just now and again, and you would be happy to stop by and visit someone, please would you let the Co-ordinators know and they will be pleased to put you in touch with someone.

Together, we can make our Pastoral Care efficient and effective!

Thank you!
Angela Wheatley    Mobile 07804221145 or

Sue Cochrane        Mobile 07804221152 or

Pastoral Care is a fundamental ethos of the Church and as such is everyone’s responsibility. So please get involved! This is not an onerous task but a wonderful experience for visitor and the visited.