"Yorkshire Tails" a history of our bells and ringers

“Yorkshire Tails”
 ...the fascinating history of All Saints' bells and ringers from 1651 to the present day.  
Written by Karl Grave, a member of All Saints' congregation, this book tells the story of those who dedicated their lives to ringing the bells and the story of local and national events, through which the bells have woven their musical way.

Bishop Nick in his Foreword says:
 "He brilliantly opens up the context in which the bells of All Saints, Bingley, have been rung through nearly four centuries.  
A small town in Yorkshire becomes the stage on which the all-too-human dramas of succeeding epochs are acted out... Follow the story of the bells and you follow the story of a community whose church stood at the centre of their living and dying".

A must for anyone interested in local history and an ideal present!  
Containing 120 pages and 42 illustrations the price is just £6.50.
If bought direct from Karl all profits will go to Church funds.
Available from the author: contact

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