Votive Candles

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The Votive Candle Stand

At the entrance to the St Lawrence Chapel, opposite to the Prayer Tree, we have a
votive candle stand.
When you haven't the words, or when you do, please come and light a candle in prayer.

Dear Lord
I made this votive candle stand for you
Not because you need it,
you don't
Not because it will hold you,
it won't
Not because we can't find you anywhere else,
we can

But it does create a focal point together with the tree
for our prayers.
The words on the leaves and the light and heat of
the candle are lifted up into the church and beyond
you are all around like the air we breathe.

Lord you inhabit this place as you inhabit our hearts
Here is a peaceful place where our personal
prayers can be offered without the bustle of
everyday life

So we light a candle as an offering and as it burns
our prayers will burn with light and heat and
continue long after the candle has gone out.

Lord in your mercy - hear our prayer

Charlie Kershaw

To avoid wasting the resources of God's creation, the wax remaining after votive candles go out is recycled to the central candle and so our prayers go on, long after the flame has gone out and they are united with the prayers of all the saints.